Month: October 2019

Fall Fun 2019! Don’t Paniq! Escape Rooms are here!

Transport yourself from 2019 back to 1718 – the good ole pirates day of Nassau!  Our one hour experience will immerse you and your group in an original game design found no where else in the world!

Don’t know what exactly you’re getting yourself into?  Don’t paniq!  Escape rooms are live-action games filled with clues, puzzles, riddles, locks and more…designed to keep you thinking and having a great time!

We have hosted everything from experienced gamers to first time escapers; groups of two to large corporate groups.  We delight in seeing families with young children, parents and grandparents working together to solve the puzzles!

We’re especially proud of our 5-Star reviews that consistently call us fun and fascinating, not the normal tourist thing, and challenging and memorable.

One recent player on TripAdvisor stated “as a small business with a single room game, this honestly was better than most games I’ve played at home. It just shows that story, hosting and setting can make a game without needing anything too fancy. The puzzles were genuinely interesting and different and the pirate museum attached was a good walkthrough experience too!”

Set aside an hour of your time, and come play!  We have daily games available via our online schedule; discounts for groups and private games are available!  Perfect for cruise ship guests, hotel stays, locals, schools, and anyone that enjoys having fun!

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Escape Rooms Nassau Bahamas